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Bauer Financial, Inc. has rated Montrose Savings Bank as a five-star (Superior) financial institution. This is the highest rating Bauer Financial bestows on any bank. Bauer Financial, Inc. is a company which rates financial institutions and has been nationally recognized for its star rating system.

About Us

Montrose Savings Bank was organized on June 4, 1895 and began operating June 5. The original bank building opened in 1895 was located diagonally across Missouri Ave from its current location. After the first day’s business, deposits totaled $1,295.03. The original directors were R.H. Dugan, E.W. Blew, O.P. Wilson, Henry Welling, Nick Erhart, Joseph DeBold and W.S. Winkler, the president of the bank. Montrose Savings Bank moved into its current location on November 28, 1966. The bank went through a total remodel in 1996. Since 1895 until today, Montrose Savings Bank has been a small community bank focused on servicing the needs of its customers.

November 1966

Original Location